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August 26, 2013

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I seem to have left my blog in Korea along with my senses.  Last I wrote, I had not come to the meat of my journey, the real reasons I was anticipating my trip with so much enthusiasm.  The last three days of our trip was spent with my other family, the third one, the […]

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20 years, 10 days

July 9, 2013


Young Jin, Soo Mi, Sang Hoon, Yong Hoon, Il Nam, Won Chan… I’m going to Korea.  Two weeks and the countdown has begun.  The gifts have been purchased, made and assembled.  The packing still needs to be done.  A good friend just moved her entire home, surely, I can pack our life for a ten […]

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practice makes permanent

September 10, 2012


My little one has gone off to first grade!  I thought I would be used to this leaving and growing up thing, but it still tugs at my heart.  No tears this year, so I must be growing up.  After all, I did this before a couple of years ago.  But the thoughts are still […]

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January 5, 2012

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Happy New Year! In a few weeks, all calendars will have recognized the transition to a new year.  I returned from our winter holiday in the tropics on the first day of 2012.  Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, the new year rang in on the East Coast. January 1 is a big day for Koreans.  It […]

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Replacement child

December 1, 2011


My first job out of grad school was as the policy analyst at the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute.  The timing could not be better as one of the major projects I had was the first survey of adult Korean adoptees in preparation for the First Gathering of Adult Korean Adoptees in Washington, DC.  I loved […]

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Volunteering orphanage style

November 8, 2011


There was only one time in my life I kept a journal, 1993-1994, the year I lived in Orphans’ Home of Korea (an orphanage in Uijongbu, 50 miles south of the DMZ).  I still can’t bring myself to read the words I wrote so many years ago.  I am sure most of the pages were about […]

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A True Love Story

November 1, 2011

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Once upon a time there was a little boy named Won and he arrived at an orphanage in Uijongbu, South Korea when he was approximately three years old.  He didn’t exactly know how old he was nor his birthday.  As it would for so many, he only knew his mother’s name as Umma.  She told […]

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Canary in the International Adoption Mine?

September 14, 2011


South Korean Adoptions: Canary in the International Adoption Mine? http://www.creatingafamily.org/blog/adoption-domestic-adoption-international-adoption-embryo-adoption-foster-care-adoption/south-korean-adoptions-canary-international-adoption/ Please read this article.  I was on the radio show Dawn Davenport does and find her to be really holistic in her approach to adoption and the needs.  My only bone of contention would be the research quoted.  I think it is a slippery slope presenting research […]

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Oprah speak

September 13, 2011

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I am unabashedly an Orprah Winfrey fan.  I watched every episode of her 25th Season enraptured, inspired, tearful and always with anticipation.  If you hear her enough times, you get to know her speak.  There is something she consistently says, “you are right where you are supposed to be.” I think about my fellow adoptees […]

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August 16th

August 18, 2011


Adoption Day, Airplane Day, Anniversary, and my least favorite, Gotcha Day….the day you came home, the day we became a family and for some, the most celebrated day of the year.  Whatever you call it, it is a day that belongs to, relatively speaking, a small club.  It is the day that my sister A […]

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