Finding Fernanda

Please excuse my lame way of adding a link.  But this one is just too important to not pass around.

I know we have our own feelings about the perpetuation of international adoption.  The debate has a long history and will continue into perpetuity, I am sure.  The way I see it, there are those who believe “at all costs”, get a child out and adopted.  And then there are others who “at all costs” keep them in country and find another way.  I cannot recall a single time these two camps came together and agreed on much.  But when you read a story like this, I am left with so many questions and choosing sides.  And it goes back to what I wrote weeks ago.  The “once upon a time” always begins with a wish, and how that wish is fulfilled makes all the difference.

My heart breaks for the birthmothers who starved themselves to gain the attention of their countrymen.  Surely, this cost is too much.

And you guessed it, my LIST buddies have been chatting.  What came out of our emails flying around is that this has HUGE implications for other countries where birthparents are able to risk their safety and get representation –  Nepal, Vietnam, Ethiopia to name a few.  It is also a call to arms for us adoptees, in and out of the field, to help ensure that when we talk about ethics and adoption, that it is not just about safeguards in the adoption process.  Rather, it is about whether we are really looking at the best interest of the child, not what’s better for a child.

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