Beautiful Asian faces

A renewed diversion has come upon me!  While working to get as much Korean into my head, I took to watching Korean dramas every night.  At first, it was an exercise purely to be fully immersed in Korean for as much as possible.  Alas, I am hooked.  I went from watching “My Princess” to “Boys over Flower” and got them on Netflix of all places!

Upon first watch, all I noticed was make-up, plastic surgery and confusion that all the actors look the same.  I was amused and irritated that the boys all looked so feminine and prettier than some of the girls on the shows.  And THEN, like Stockholm syndrome, the more I watched these videos and dramas, the more beautiful the men (ahem, boys) began to look to me.  So, of course, I HAD to Google the beautiful men.

From the gazillion pictures, videos, blogs and websites dedicated to all things KPop and Korean dramas, I came upon this photograph of a doll of Song Seung Hun.

Asian enough?  Isn’t it amazing that no one in the United States can make an Asian doll look Asian?  American Girl dolls have a pathetic rendition of a Chinese girl.  I think we need to rethink our imports.  The idea that in an alterate universe I could have him as my Ken doll? Crazy.

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