Loyalty TV

I love television.  I love watching it, I love navigating through the menu and I love being able to record my favorite shows.  Maybe it is because I did not grow up with TV and was allowed to watch one show a week with PBS as my alternative.  No matter, I love sitting down on the couch and surfing the channels.  Don’t get me wrong, I love PBS, but having missed MTV, Beverly Hills 90210 and General Hospital to name a few, I feel like a real hick.  Looking back at my adolescence, I am without a teen throb, pin-ups, fan clubs, concerts and to this day really cannot appreciate School House Rock.  I have tried to catch up and through my young clients am able to live in that adolescent world I missed long ago, but it is not the same as having gone through it yourself.  It is probably why I am very tolerant of my children being in the know about every toy and show out there.  It isn’t to keep up with the Joneses, but rather to be able to navigate the social structures around them with more ease.  My social intelligence has grown only in the context of being able to accommodate others, not so much to fit in.

Having not ever seen a full episode of Friends or Cheers, I am not a sitcom fan.  So the shows I watch are usually cop shows and hour dramas.  High on my list are the shows that feature Korean Americans.  I have been faithful to Grey’s Anatomy simply for Sandra Oh.  I watch the Mentalist  for Tim Kang, not Simon Baker.  I was super excited about Hawaii 5-o, TWO Korean Americans!

Having said that, I have stopped watching Grey’s and here is why.  I hated the recent adoption story line.  Now, earlier, when Katherine Heigl’s character revealed she is a birthmother, I was pleasantly surprised at how unoffensive it was.  I do wonder now that she is an adoptive mother, how she, personally, has changed in her perceptions of birthmothers, but I digress.  I didn’t agree with the direction that story took, but could empathize with her character’s decision.  But this recent adoption of the African baby and the mess of a couple the two parents-to-be sent me over the edge.  I have not watched any of this recent season.  I am not informed as to whether the story line got any better, more accurate, more sensitive…I don’t care. I am done.  I am done with adoption being thrown into a story in a way to dramatize an already dramatic wearisome relationship and I am done with a black child being paraded around like she is a commodity.

So, apologies to my Korean American actors and especially to my favorite of all, Sandra Oh (I thought her addition of making her character an adoptee in Sideways was brilliant).  I just can’t do it.  I can’t watch the show anymore.

Loyalty, so fickle.

One thought on “Loyalty TV

  1. As long as we are on the subject: I love the zombie takeover series The Walking Dead. They have a young man on the show of Asian descent (does not specify where) who is starting a romance with a Caucasian young woman. In last night’s episode her father said “what’s going on with you and that Asian boy?” This bothers me on so many levels:1) if the races and genders were reversed would the father still have an issue (societal stereotype)? 2) how dehumanizing to address someone in that manner (he knows his name on the show) 3) if the world were taken over by zombies do issues of race and gender still matter? Shouldn’t it be about being human and alive and all other bets are off? Anyway, I appreciate your posts and wanted to add my thoughts. I still will watch The Walking Dead.

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