Beauty Queen

I have a dear friend whose moniker is Dr. Wisconsin.  She is a doctor, a really awesome one, and she is beautiful.  So beautiful, she won a beauty pageant to prove it.  Thus, Dr. Wisconsin.  The fact that she is a Korean adoptee makes it even more awesome in my book.  Honestly, I think I love that she won a beauty pageant more than the fact that she made it all the way through medical school.  And without plastic surgery to look like all the Caucasian girls.

I know my friend may read this, so I will keep it short and sweet.  I love that there is someone in my life who is considered beautiful and yet doesn’t match the typical “look.”  I chuckle to see the heads turn when she walks in the room.  While I have never personally had that experience, the reverberations around her are enough for me to feel special too.

So, in honor of my lovely friend, I think of Ivian Sarcos.  Her name is not a name I will remember for long.  Honestly, I had to look her up to make certain I spelled her name right.  Ms. Sarcos is the current reigning Miss World 2011.  And she was an orphan.  Very cool indeed.

I read that Korea represented and came in 5th place but could find only photos of two other runners up, Miss England and Miss South Africa.  Hmmmm, curious.

I can’t deny the many joys it brings me to write about this.  The words never leave my head from THAT boy in high school – I think Asian women are beautiful, but I would never date one!   I continue to remind myself that beauty’s standards are constantly changing and so do I.  But the little girl in me is soothed in knowing that oustide of America’s borders, that sense of beauty could include a little skinny yellow skinned girl whose pale skin does not look like death warmed her over but that that it actually could be envied.

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