In my own words….

A friend of mine suggested I get parts of my blog translated into Korean.  The idea was daunting and scary.  It occurred to me that my birthmother and brother may read my words…I am not sure about that.  Should I tell them?  Haven’t decided yet. Suddenly, my words weighed heavy.  What will it mean for Korean people to actually read what I wrote?  I am taking a leap of faith and testing the waters.

Finding the right person to translate was the second challenge.  The key to translation is to be exact with meaning and feeling.  Could that be accomplished?  Will my heart be heard?  We adoptees all know the feeling of sitting in a room with a “translator” who tells the bare minimum and knowing there was a whole lot we missed.  After a couple of tries, I found the perfect match for me.  K was on a tour with me as a translator many years ago and she was instrumental in my learning more of my story.  My Umma trusted her and she was amazing in relaying not only our words but put tuem into cultural context for me to understand completely.  K is a woman of grace and I am fortunate to still have her in my life.

For anyone who reads Korean…let me know what you think?


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